how to spot a AFC

yo whaddup it’s f-close frank. so check this out sometimes you are out sargin or like maybe you have a job at apple bees  and some dude starts talking to you then you figure out they are a AFC. you dont want  to waist time  talking to some fag that doent know whats up so here is how to spot a AFC.

1. he wears shit like cargoe shorts

2.  he has that look on his face like he jerks off alot

3.he asks you stupid shit like if you are a tits or ass man

4 he has never been to a Strip Club

5.  he says shit like ‘i will call human resorces if you talk about fake tities anymore ” but then hes all pissed when you bang every chick at  apple bees cuz AFCs are mad fuckin jellus

theres alot of other dumb shit that AFCs do and you  will be able to spot it once you are a PUA so keep gettin that pussy son

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