how to tell if a chick is a tran sexual

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out did you know if you are into fake tities like me &dave you gotta watch out for tran sexuals because other than chicks tran sexuals can have fake tities. the difference tho is a tran sexual has a dick and NOT a pussy. my cousin jason went to ty land  and hooked up with a chick but then found the dick now he fucks tran sexual prostitutes. no wonder that dude is fucked up he married a fat chick. anyway check this out he told me how you can tell if its a tran sexual.

asian ladyboy

this is a tran sexual shit looks hella weird as fuck

1. tran sexuals have a hella big addams apple dudes have that shit which makes there voice deep. if you dont believe me look it up that shit is science son.
2. a tran sexual will have this deep ass voice too chicks dont have a deep voice so you might be talking to a tran sexual. they will probably be talkin about sports or some shit too
3 tran sexuals have weird fake tities like they dont look like regular fake titties
4. tran sexuals have big fuckin hands &feet shit could straight up crush a beer can son for real tho jason says they give hella strong hand jobs
5.tran sexuals are fuckin huge like bigger &taller then a regualr chick could be like a line backer or some shit but with fake tities
6. they will try to touch your dick in the bar regular chicks dont do that shit even if you are a legit pua like me &dave.
7. tran sexual chicks are usually asian esp if they are from ty land
8.has a dick!!! this is the big one if there is a dick it is definitely a tran sexual!!! unless you are hella gay your fucked bro

anyway watch out playa here is are some regular chicks w big fake tits that are NOT tran sexuals

sexy tanned girls in bikinis

hell yeah fuckin love real chicks

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10 thoughts on “how to tell if a chick is a tran sexual

  1. I wish I had read this post two years ago. When I visited Thailand, every girl I met told me that the girls in Thailand all have penises because of agent orange. I found out it was a lie after bragging to my buddies back home about all the pussydick I got.

    Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

    • whaddup cakes &shakes. i knew this dude in the mariens and he said that ty land chicks can def shoot ping pong balls out of there pussy so this is a good test thx

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