how to use kino to make a chick touch your dick

you whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out today im gonna teach you how to use PUA kino techniqes to get a chick to touch your dick. you should know this already if you a are a real PUA but if you dont know what kino is it is touching a girl.

basically you gotta start  slow at first you cant just approach with your dick and be all like ‘yo check this dick out” that shit wont work.  first when you are  putting money in her thong you will  want to kinda touch her Ass but you gotta make it look like a acccident.  after you put a few bucks in her underware you want to slowly escalade. this time put a dollar in but touch her pussy instead  of her ass.  after you do this like 5 times (this will cost 5$.) then she will be  way horny and looking for dick

when you buy a lap dance  then what you want to do is real sneaky pull youre dick out of your pants so the bouncer doesnt see otherwise you will get fuckin kicked out of the club trust me. she will be all grindin and see your dick out and  guaranteed if you are mad slick about kino she will be all stealth jerkin your dick while you get the lap dance. once she has touched your Dick  a few times tell her you have coke at your place & go for the number boom son youre gettin some pussy.

this also works on regular chicks just do the same thing but dont put money in her underware

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