how to use plenty of fish to have sex with a lot of girls

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out today im gonna teach you how to fuck checks using plenty of Fish. internet dating is dumb as fuck and hella boring but im gonna show you these fool proof openers that will get chicks talkin to you &pretty soon youre dick is gonna be in their mouth. click on the pictures to see actual Openers i used on some chicks

best Plenty of fish openers 1


this chick had big ass fake titties hell yeah took her to the strip club turns out she worked there like 6 months ago

best POF openers 2

this chick was like a goth or some shit she didnt have fake tities but whatevs


Best online dating openers1

its cool i am not raceist against Ghosts but for real ghosts suck a mean dick

best plenty of fish openers online dating

this chick DID have fake tities she is hella fly

stripper chick POF


she rememebered me &told me to come down &get a free Lap Dance fuck yeah

ok i had to try some lines on regular ugly chicks to make sure they work not just on hot chicks. check it out if you are a regular AFC and not a PUA you might want to try to fuck some ugly chicks first

best POF opening linesfuckin beast mode this bitch lifts

best plenty of fish online dating opening messagethis chick was pretty pissed that i was talkin about her ratchet mustash but fuck man what else am i gonna talk about fuckin thing is hella huge get that shit waxed son

any way go ahead &use these openers get out there & get your dick wet son easy pussy on the internet. follow us on twitter for more Tips on gettin internet pussy @bangsomechicks

check out how to fuck chicks the right way

79 thoughts on “how to use plenty of fish to have sex with a lot of girls

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  3. yo F-Close ma brutha from anotha mutha. whaddup why did u go for so many chicks with make up like pris from blade runna, there eyes is freakin me out an i need to come down an get some green, you still sellin? peace

    • whaddup kronik fuckin a chicks got hella crazy makeup. for real tho daves still in jale had to quit slingin shit is hella gay

  4. Frank, the reality is you’re an idiot. You neither write or talk good game. I imagine you’re still a virgin whose closest success at copulating was coming up the thigh of another gameless dude. But you can always pay for it with food stamps. Jerk.

    • whaddup jonh doe check this out can you really fuck chicks w/food stamps. shit sounds hella easy esp on that one sweaty chick that smokes mad crack &hangs out by the liquer store

      • Not the sort any man with a brain, ambition and personality would fuck, no. But you? You could go crazy with food stamps. Fat chicks, homeless chicks, desperate for your limp dick chicks… Did you create this pathetic website in an attempt to cover the sad truth that the last time you tasted pussy was as your mum pushed your sad existence into this world? And then she had you adopted. You’ve been suffering from rejection ever since.

        • whaddup jd i saw you with that pof chick with the big arms in the 7 11 parking lot the other day her huge pantees wer rownd her ankels and u were getting that fat pussy gud son i couldnt tell wat waz bellies and wat waz tiddies but u were fuckin luvvin it tho thats 4 sure
          is that y ur pissed at f-close u think hes hittin on ur chick?? no way ma bro got hi standardz u got nothin to worry about and hey ride the beast indoorz next time or at leest grab a 38 and shoot out the street lite noone needs 2 see that i still got nitemares! peace

  5. Dude seriously, I’ve never fucking laughed so hard! Every pic I clicked on I laughed harder. Fucking hate you for making my gut hurt! Check it out, stop doing that shit son! hahaha

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  7. Wow! I bet women are all just dying to drop their knickers in front of you and let you have your way with them *insert sarcasm here*.

      • Knickers means underwear u moronic infant.

        Your straight up ugly btw. You know u lifted those pics from the internet, haha. You could not bed a legit retard if you paid for it.
        Lemme tell u what… I got a cousin, down syndrome, huge ass….she’s perfect for you. Same vocabulary, looks on par with you…you’ll b married in a month “son”.

        Your a straight up Fucking wigger. (Now that is racist! ) You will never be cool or hung like the brothers so just knock off the fake talk. You know u live in the burbs lil whitey.

        Btw..Your grammer & spelling are a big turn off to any girl over 14, believe that “son”.
        As a hot FAT bitch I can say weight can be lost, ugly is forever, you look mentally slow, like the guy who bags my groceries… yuck.

        • whaddup erin for real plenty of Fish is the internet thats where i got the pics

          check this out if your hot &fat just buy a Air condishener itll cool off your fat rolls hella quick. you can get one from wal mart or whatever. check out my boy nigel hes all about that fat pussy

        • “Knickers means underwear u moronic infant. ”
          Only a moron would think that needed explaining. If you chumps can’t recognize comedic genius when you see it.. Then continue arguing on the internet. Which is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, YOUR STILL RETARDED. It’s refreshing to see a real gangsta of luv reppin for da web yo! Props from TEXAS Bitches!

  8. ayo g, I been tellin these bitches that they look familiar and if we have met before backstage at a fashion show couple weeks back… it works… do you thing pimpin

  9. Hilarious. Too bad this doesn’t actually work and you took snapshots of you typing the messages but not actually sending them. Sad Face.

    • nah bro sent that shit for shure it was easer to take a Pic befor e i sent it tho. got kicked off pof for sendin that one to the Fat chick with the hella huge arms lol

  10. i can tell you one big secrete it easy to get laid on pof, all i send girls im attracted to is “hey was up” and a week after just talking i would be fucking… POF is way better than all those dumb ass sex companion sites that offers horny girls in your neighborhood…

  11. I would never respond to those stupid lines that you claim get you laid. And I certainly do not respond to one liners. I make my men work for it because I know losers like you exists. I know I’m using big words for you right now. Trash attracts trash so if you think these girls are dumb take a good look in the mirror. Birds of the same feather flock together.

    • yo whaddup [email protected] thx for checkin out bang some chicks. for real tho its cool if you like nerd dudes. game for nerd dudes is pretty much the same. nerd dudes just gotta go up to you &be like “yo whaddup, check this out but are those real glasses. do you wanna hit the museum then later lemme get a crack at that pussy”

      shit will work on you dont front

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  13. This is awesome. Frank’s lines work because they use the basic push-pull routine, or in Frank’s case look like mostly Pull-Push. He gives them a compliment (pull), then a dig (push). Bitches love this.

  14. Hey F-Close Frank it’s your boy Ryful. I tried your line and i am just not getting results. She had a puppy in the picture and I said “ayo whaddup you hella fly but check it out is that puppy real or fake?” And I am not getting a response? What am I doing wrong?

    • whaddup ryful thx for checkin out bang some chicks. for real thats a hella good line but maybe shes got a hella Ugly dog or some shit might be sensatif about how ugly it is. or maybe it s a fake puppie like a Stuffed animal or whatever. keep tryin playa

  15. Haters gonna hate (mostly guys who dont get shit on PoF), keep doing what you do.
    Not only did the pics make me laugh, but also all the haters, keep your head up brother

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  17. im not ghetto fab but i did laugh at your cocky humor . its been said to work. tell it to them dumb sluts i agree. but show us the positive replies that you have been getting from these women so that we will have some real test results.

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  20. This is so lame, what fckin custy ass openers are these. Yo its f frankk bro you sound like a big fckin faget that choks on dick right off the bat ahaha you just gotta talk like a normal person and lie about everything. This guy definitely gets no pussy ahahahaha your thag dirty white kid that smells like piss in the shiity bar in town ahahaha i get the last laugh

  21. don’t be saying nickers that’s racist – you’re quick – that’s for sure – thanks for giving me a decent laugh on an otherwise shitty day.

  22. Yo i just wanted to shout my boy f-close out he’s hella smart and sonning us all. Thanks for putting us in the game bro keep at it

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