how to avoid approach anxiety by getting fucked up

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out some dudes have mad approach anxeity when they are  talking to chicks. even master PUAs sometimes get approach anxienty (AA) when they see a fly ass chick with big titties so i am gonna teach you my secret way to never get AA.

the secret is to get fucked up. usualy when i head to the mall to day game chicks i hit the bong a couple of times but not too much otherwise i just head to to the food court and only fat bitches hang out there.  just take like 1-3 bong rips depending on how shitty your  Weed is.

if you are going out at night you want to have a more faster vibe so you want to do some coke. me & dave usually go thru about a 8ball in a week end depending on approach anxiety but we are real PUAs so you may want to buy more. if you live in miami talk to my boy josh he works the door at the strip club and he will hook you up fat

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