the 4 types of hypergamy every PUA should recognize

i have been reading all around many website pages about hypergamy and i had to look it up to see what it meant. but i did, so now i know !!!   and some doctors made science for it so it is real !!!

but there is more than one hypergamy type that REAL PUAs should be keeping in there minds so they know which one it is that they are dealing with . and here are those types listed for you

one- natural hypergamy: this is where a bitch trades up for herself and goes to get the best she can. this makes sure she have a good and best dad for her baby and the best man to be a provider for her. this is also called healthy hypergamy because it is the type that even PUAs teach their own daugthers because they want the best for them. only they call it teaching theyr daughter to be ‘selective’ instead of saying hypergamy but it is still the same thing as hypergamy which is why a doctor made science for it !!!

two- chronic hypergamy: this is where a bitch just keeps trading up for herself and goes to get the best she can but she never stops even when she promises herself to a man. she keeps trading up and up until she is old and nobody wants to fuck her no more, then she blame everybody else because she is too stupid to know that a woman that nobody wants to fuck is largly worthless to most of the human race because then she is like a man but men are way better at being a man than women are. this is also called humorous hypergamy because its funny how they talk about it at jezebel like it don’t exist and REAL PUA men laugh at them when they are 36 with nobody to put a baby in their belly and they are become socially irrelevant

three- ghost hypergamy: this is the type of hypergamy identified by a man when there is no hypergamy at play at all. he say ‘i am badboy PUA and i just want to make the sex to you’ and she say back to him ‘ok’ and when she is done, his PUA slips and he likes her a little but she goes and leaves anyway because that was the deal he set up in the beginning. this is also called blame your problems on women hypergamy because you get what you asked for then don’t like it. he want only to sex her at first, then change his mind to trade up to relationship with her and she say no. then me and F-Close Frank laugh at him because we are double teaming the slut he’s all hung up on !!!

for- Ctrl+V  hypergamy: this is where no matter what somebody write, the comment section have the word hypergamy in it. ‘top 10 way to choose a good suit and tie to make you look good’ have in the comments section something retarded like  ‘that’s awesome because womens hypergamy make them like a man in a good suit !!!”   it is like they keep the h-word on their clipbard so they can paste it in to any and every comment. this is also called WTF hypergamy because everybody who read that comment say WTF is that shit about?   it’s like these guys see hypergamy everywhere

science by doctors

now you know all for types of hypergamy. only one kind is really bad for a man (chronic hypergamy) but there is good news because any fool with half a brain can see it coming from a mile away. me and frank laugh lik this ‘hahahah hahahahah hahahahahah!!!!!!!’ when some man talk about what chronic hypergamy did to him because chronic hypergamy not a wave that crash in to you, its like the sea that you wade in to slowly until you are in over your head. how the fuck did you not see that coming??? !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick and the hypergamous bitches who love it, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


this titties show that hypergamy is good.  bigger and better !!!

this titties show that hypergamy is good. bigger and better !!!

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

3 thoughts on “the 4 types of hypergamy every PUA should recognize

  1. Wow DTF Dave it’s like you made a science on it that’s all your own. They should be paying you to make science cuz you know hypergamous bitchez love them some dudes who are smart and all : )

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