i hate fat chicks and you should too

there is absolutely nothing worse than a fat chick. i would gladly exchange one fat chick for a dozen Hitlers and i would keep making that trade all day long until all the fat chicks disappear in to fat air. fat chicks are the worst thing that ever happened to humanity because they are like a cancer that eats away at are society.   can you think of even one use for a fat chick ?

no you cant because nobody can. maybe a fat chick who can cook is good but even then a good meal made by a skinny hot chick is far better.,  betty crocker was fly as fuck for a chick from the 1800s and she makes good food that’s better than the pig slop my fat mom puts out on the table every day.   i would bang the hell out of betty crocker but i would never bang my mom because she is fat and ive already had a close-up tour of that pussy anyway [NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY BUT IN THE WAY OF BEING BORN]

in addition to being ugly, loud, and taking up too much space, fat chicks have attitudes. some of them try to hide behind bitchy behavior to make you see their fiercness instead of their fat ass, but it doesn’t work because nothing can hide that fat ass with so many stretchmarks they look like an albino tiger. other fat chicks try to hide behind acting all dainty and shit so they paint their nails and FIX JUST THE FRONT of their hair like we cant see the back of that rats nest. they do this because they cant reach the back with their fat fucking arms.  AND WHY DO FAT CHICKS PAINT THEIR TOE NAILS??? why draw attention to the one part of your chubby unshaped body that looks like vienei weiner links ?!?   don’t paint your toe nails you dumb fat chick COVER THAT SHIT UP.

i got drunk one night and accidently saw a fat chick naked. she was so fat and had so many rolls that she couldn’t trim her pussy hair so her fat pussy area looked like a pissed off melted troll doll with its tongue sticking out.  THIS IS WHY I HATE FAT CHICKS !!!   i should be eligible for disability or some shit since i had to look at that thing.  i swear god only gives fat chicks big tits so guys will still talk to them

what we need more of is chicks who are skinny like Asians but have the big tits of a fat chick !!!

this is how it spoda be !!!

this is how it spoda be !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

3 thoughts on “i hate fat chicks and you should too

  1. Man come on. Big girls are like a whole new frontier of pussy you haven’t discovered yet. You like big titties right? You like Big ass and wide hips, right? Then big ladies are where it’s at. I’ll agree though, big bitches got an attitude for realz.

  2. Agreed trade our fatties out for some hitlers or at least round them up in box cars and ship them off to a fat camp

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