indroducing the newest bang some chicks writer don juan john PUA

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out so me & dave were out at the mall  teaching a day game Bootcamp for a couple of dudes from our apartment complex.  these dudes fuckin suck at picking up chicks so they needed some PUA skills bad. anyway so this dude comes up to dave and he’s all like “yo are you guys teaching a bootcamp.” dave was all “yeah these dudes need some game so we are day gaming at victorias secrent.’

dave invited this dude to take our boot camp but he was all “nah bro i am a PUA too check this out.” he walks  up to the Victorias secret chick and he’s all “yo whaddup” and starts layin down mad Game like that time when i smelled like pussy. he comes back with a number and hes all “yo what about you and me have a sarge off” so of course i agree because thats what legit PUAs do when confronted with a sarge off.

i made out with this chick at  the orange julyus place and then got a number from some desk chick at aburcromby & fich. homeboy comes back and hes all ‘hey i just got a number from that fly chick at zales and made out with the orange julyus chick”. since we made out with the same chick i desided he is a legit PUA.   me & dave told him about our blog bang some chicks and  were like yo bro lets sarge at the strip club sometime & you can  write for our blog.  So anyway this dude is gonna write for bang some chicks his name is don juan john. check it out hes gonna write  some shit this week

sexy army girl huge fake boobs

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