is it cool to fuck a single mom

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out me &dave were talkin about wether or not  its cool to fuck a single mom. as a PUA you always want to get the best girls and sometiemes if a chick has like stretch marks and  a blown out pussy from kids you dont wanna  touch that shit. stretch mark tities are hella gross ask that dude danny he has pics on his blog.

anyway tho i banged this Single mom and it has some way good  Benifits that you should  know about. 1. single moms are mad easy to pick up cuz a lot of dudes dont really want to fuck around with kids cuz they’re always asking you for shit like mac n cheese.

2. kids are kind of a pain in the ass but you know since there dad has to pay child support they got the best candy and video  games. plus its way easy to beet a kids ass at Halo 3 becase little kids fuckin suck at video games. you can whoop the kids ass then eat the candy.

3.  single moms are used to doing mom shit so they will probably do your laundry if you drink too  much ever clear and natty ice and hurl on your self like dave did last sunday.  fuckin cool cuz laundry sucks

so to answer the question yes it is cool to bang a single mom just try not to jizz on her child uspport check she will be way pissed but it is her fault for leaving it on the sex couch.

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7 thoughts on “is it cool to fuck a single mom

  1. Hmmm… but first you should try to find out a few things before you go down this road.
    1. Are any of her baby daddies felons, violent psychos or general nut jobs? Are they presently at large?
    2. Is she one of the lucky ones who had a c-section or is it a full on highway pile-up of flesh down there?
    3. Should you bring your own blindfold in case of head-to-toe stretch marks or does she have a supply?
    3. Are her kids old enough to make you coffee in the morning?
    Happy hunting 🙂

  2. So my football team gets crushed and I need a laugh to distract me. And then find this. Keep it up. Only 7 months and 26 days until next season’s kickoff. But lay off my pal the private man. Old guys can get it up too. Sometimes. With help. Best satire since Mad magazine.

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