What you didn’t know about picking up chicks at the gym until you read this article

as any PUA will tell you, its important to be SHREDDED because girls like muscles.   but a lot of the guys i know who want to be PUAs seem to forget that you can pick up fresh pussy while you’re at the gym to. it doesn’t make much since to hit the gym in order to get pussy and NOT TRY TO GET IT WHILE YOURE THERE

there are like 15 bitches who work at my gym. subtract the fat ones and the asian ones and the old ones who look like an old chicken mcnugget you found under the couch, and you have 7 fuckable bitches left.   well guess what ?? I HAVE DICKED ALL 6 OF THEM !!!

there are two diffrerent philosophy styles when it comes to dicking girls at the gym. the philosophy that has you to dick the girls who work out there and the other philosophy that has you to dick the girls who work there behind the counter or at the smoothy bar back in the left corner right before you get to the pool (IF YOU WORK OUT AT MY GYM. YOUR JUICE BAR MIGHT BE SOMEWHERE ELSE)

i am a PUA not a philosophy man who can keep two philosophys in his head at one time. that is why i do the things that FOCUS ON BOTH PHILOSOPHYS AT THE SAME TIME !!! follow me advice and you will be saying later how many girls you dicked at your gym even if your gym is not the same as my gym

one- always leave your swet on the machine when youre done. girls can smell the neurons in your swet after you leave it on many machines and they will come to notice your sent. its like a dog who lifts his leg everywhere to mark his territory only instead of piss you will leave your swet behind. soon women will talk to you like they know you because they have your neurons trapped in their nose holes and they wont be able to get you off their mind for sex.

two- stand behind girls on the treadmill and stare at their ballon knot. by staring at a bitches asshole you will be showing alpha dominance and making your attentions known. this will make her feel sexy and desired. just ignore the stuff she says to you about it and give her a good opening pickup line like ‘i am staring because your ass looks tighter than a vegas slot machine but im feeling lucky !!!’ and watch her laugh. remember that if you did it right, your swet will already be on her machine and she will already be wanting you from your sent that she smells

three- always talk to a girl with headphones on. that way your conversation doesn’t have to be smart and when she takes her headphones off you can act like you just said something really smart and funny. this is like a free pickup line and girls LOVE IT WHEN you are not afraid to talk to them simply because they are listening to britany speers sing about swallowing Justin timberlakes load or some shit

four- walk around naked in front of the guys in the shower. NO HOMO they will see how big your PUA rod of rath is and will tell their chick friends about it. its like a referral system for your sexy scepter of sensual seduction

five- never take no for an answer. might have to follow her to her car after her workout or pay that one guy with the thick glasses to dig through the gym’s files to give you her home address, but make sure you talk to her no matter what. some call it stalking but I call it traditional gentlemanly behavior to show that much interest

now you KNOW how to pick up bitches at the gym with your sexy neurons, massive cock and lustful gaze. make it happen !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

big boobs on girl in gym

this is the kind of girl who gets my neurons in her nose holes then wants me to dick her !!!

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks
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6 thoughts on “What you didn’t know about picking up chicks at the gym until you read this article

  1. Lol you guy’s writing style reminds me of myself: raw and to the point.

    This article makes a lot of sense though. It should always be on in any venue: @ gym or wherever. Some dudes are too pussy to try seduce girls @ their gyms.

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