me and f-close franks 5 new years resolutions for 2013

it is a new year and a new beginning so we can start over. i am not saying we are going to start over on everything cuz me and my boy have mad skills in MANY areas when it comes to dicking lots of bitches PUA style

but there is always room for improvement if you are a super alpha of the highest odor.

one- me and frank will use valtrex every day like we are supposed to so we don’t feel bad lying to bitches all the time and then getting pissed off phone calls later

two- we will choose one day a week and speak ONLY in pua acronems to keep our skills sharp. we will also punch in the face any man who say the word ‘hypergamy’ because its time to let that shit go

three- we will be open to the possibility of slinging dick at fat chicks. not because they are people too, but because they’re not.  we can fuck them when we are in relationships with skinny chicks and it won’t be cheating because they don’t count as humanity

for- we will stop fighting over the cakes and shakes chick because she already have a boyfriend and he is bigger than us.  we did appreaciate the n00dz she sent us for christmas though

five- we will stop trolling mansphere blogs under the name of  ‘mark minter’ and we will shut down our other blog called the Private Man because its not funny no more. everybody knows a man cannot really be that old and still work a computer anyway !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

sexy new year

she needs to take her valtrex to !!! BUT SHE IS WORTH THE RISK LOL

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

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