reader question how come you didnt write bang some chicks for like a year

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i didnt write anything on bang some chicks for like a year. i started it up again &some readers are like ‘yo what the fuck frank where you been” so heres the deal

if you read this site back in the day you prob remember my boy dtf dave. check this out i went to high school w/Dave &we got into PUA together too. dudes a legit playa

me &dave were hella tite basically bros for life. you know whats up like you got that one good friend &hes always the one you chill with or do coke with at the Strip club.

anyway dave went to jail

dude kept fuckin up &like a year ago he finaly got out of jail. thing is tho he found jeezus &thats mad fuckin gay when your tryna pick up chicks. im tryna get that pussy &daves all like ‘check this out you gotta repent your sins &not do coke or fuck chicks.” then hes talkin to chicks &hes all like “yo check this out but did you know fake tities are not part of gods plan”

fuck that bro when i herd that shit i had enuff of his jeezus shit. basically dave is NOT a legit PUA any more which sucks plus hes fuckin up my game nonstop.

anyway dave met this chick at church. shes ok maybe like a 6 but she has small tits &wont even do coke hella fuckin buzz kill. daves like ‘frank check this out we cant be friends if you wont accept jeezis into your Life”.

for real tho dave &me will allways be boys but hes doin his own thing. hes got a kid &shit now which is gay because hes prob changing diapers like a fag at this very minute. im on my own playa its all good tho. I desided to write more bang some chicks articals maybe a book too.

for real tho these fake tities are def part of gods plan check em out

sexy fake tits brunette with yellow bikini

how to learn how to fuck chicks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today im gonna teech you how to fuck chicks. its hella easy to learn how to fuck chicks the right way. you gotta do it playa other wise the chick aint gonna come back for 2nds. heres how you do it

1st: you gotta bang a bunch a chicks. bangin chicks will make you better at bangin the next Chick. thats called scients son

thats good Advise if your a legit playa but check this out some times your a AFC or you suck &you cant fuck chicks. then what. you gotta read a book son thats what. check this out heres a good book on fuckin chicks. its by this guy revolushunary lifestyle Design. his books the shit check it out

how to fuck women properly

check it out this is how you Fuck chicks

i red this book &its got hella good Advise plus theres a hella hot chick on the cover possibly w/fake tities. like if you bust a nut hella fast you gotta pick up a flesh light which is hella good cuz its like fuckin a ackshual Pussy. dont get lazy son you gotta still leave the house tho dont just fuck the flesh light all day or you will get fired from Applebees trust me. whatevs tho the boss was a fag

so check this out now that you red the book now you gotta go out &try it on some chick. this time insteed of 2 pump chumpin some chick youre gonna be a hella fresh God of sex like my boy pedro before he got hurpies. chicks are gonna be like “yo f close frank (or whatever youre name is) check this out but your slingin hella dick today. whats the deal.” &then you just fuck her again cuz hell no you aint gonna be tellin some chick you got fired cuz you were practisin fuckin a flesh light.

for real tho this book is hella good check it out heres some tities

sexy milf big fake tits

if you wanna fuck more chicks check out jason capital hes legit

how to get laid on valentines day

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last week was valintines Day. shit was mad gay but chicks love valentineds day so if you missed out youre fuckin up son. do that shit right next time heres how.

1. take her to a Movie &resterant

yeah right son thats AFC shit heres the real way cuz valentines day is for chumps. you gotta tell your chick its like a reguler day. act like you aint got nothin goin on &shes gonna get all Pissed off. chicks love valentines day cuz its about love &chicks love love so you gotta make it a big Surprize. heres how you get laid on valentines day

be like ‘ok were goin to mcdonalds do you want a mcburger.” &shes for shure gonna get pissed. then when shes good &pissed bust out the real shit

1. drive to mcdoalds
2.act like your gonna order then be like fuck you &drive off
3.take youre chick to the club
5. be liek happy valentines day girl i got us some coke
6.bang her in the bath room

shit is Romantic as fuck son try it

heres some titties

hot blond girl big fake tits white dress

check out jason capital &lern how to get laid

how to meet chicks at a Coffee shop

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i herd that a Coffe shop is a hella good place to meat chicks. coffee sucks but i went anyway

if you dont kno how to get coffie just go into a star bucks &you can get some. i went in &tried to hit on the star bucks counter chick 1st. im all like “. check htis out are you tryna do some coke or do you just drink coffie all day.’ shes all ‘sir if you aren t gonna order pleeze Leave the store’ shes hella lame but its whatever so i got some coffe.

next up theres this hella fly chick on a computer. heres a good line for chicks if their on the computer.

‘yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is). check this out your hella fly but is that a real computer.”

thats called day game son

talk to her for a while about the Computer then tell her a story about how this one time you stold a computer from the high school &erased every bodys grades cuz you were failin school. then you got busted &had to do community service for like 3 months &youre dad was hella pissed but still baut you beer anyway. dads hella cool like that

anyway talk to some chicks at the cofffee shop son its hella easy. get that number &get that pussy

hot blonde in the coffee shop

check out roosh 5s day game book
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get laid with preselection

yo whaddup its f-close frank. cehck this out did you know you can get laid w/chicks just by hanging out w/other chicks. shit works hella good its syents son. what is pre selection its when chicks see you w/other chicks &their like “yo whats up w/frank hes with this ho &shes got bigger fake tities. whats the deal”

thats  how you create mystery son

the other day im hangin out at deans gold (which is one of the best Strip clubs in miami check it out ) &gettin a Lap Dance. of course this is from a chick with the biggest fake tities in the joint. pretty soon other chicks are comin up all “yo frank you wanna lap dance or nah I’ll give you one for free” pretty soon im gettin mad lap dances fake tities all up in my face.

you gotta pull this same shit w/reguler chicks too. like if you get friend Zoned by a chick but shes got big tities hang out with her anyway. 1. shes gonna get you free shit 2. other chicks will think your the man then boom number close son

check it out pre selection is the shit

tattooed blond big tits

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how to get rid of genital Warts

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out sometimes if your a legit Playa  you get shit on youre dick. my boy  pedro was all like ‘yo frank check this out i got genitel warts on my dick. how do iget rid of em’

i never had genital warts but that shit hella sucks bro

had to hit up my Dad which as you kno is a old school playa. im all ‘yo dad how do you get rid of  genitel Warts.” hes all bitchin tellin me to stop fuckin skanks but for real tho my dick is hella ok its pedro thats fuckin up. dads all like “no surprise playa pedro smashes out some hella nasty hos. tell him hes gotta soak his dick in some bleach. not that shit you get at the groshery store im talkin the hella good bleach from wal mart”

i hit up pedro &im like ‘yo bro dad says put youre dick in some bleach thats gonna clean up youre dick hella Fast”

so he calls me up later &hes all like frank you fuckin pendeyho my dick is all fucked up from bleachin it &the warts are still there. you fukced up son”

so i guess i dunno how to get rid of Genital warts but for sure the way to NOT get rid of em is to put bleach on your e dick. dont do it son you will for shure fuck youre dick up

heres some tits

hot blonde on bed with big fake tits

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check out bang

f-close frank gets a freedom blow job on 4th of July

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out shit got mad crazy on forth of july.  i went out ot the beach to check out some tities. suns out guns out was   peecockin by wearin some hella fresh america shades then i seen these 2 latina Chicks speakin some langwige. im all “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out your hella fly but were are you from.”

this chick was all “we are from porto rico we like your sun glasses’ hell yeah son

so im all like “whats up w/forth of july. are you partyin for america or porto rico.’ the fat one is all porto rico is america Which is hella wrong but its whatevs. cant be callin chicks out on their stupid shit or you wont get that pussy son. I ask the ugly one ‘yo check htis out do you like Fire Works.” shes all hell yeah so I’m like “check out this box of sparklers shit is tite also heres some food”

shes mad Distracted w/sparklers &hot dogs so i hit up the hot chick all “yo lets go do some coke in the porta potty.” shes down so pretty much im bustin a hella huge load of Freedom down this forin chicks throat son happy forth of july get that pussy

heres some big freedom tits

big tits america bikini freedom murica

fuck yeah america tits rule go USA

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bang some chicks on tumblr

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out im hella dumb w/the Internet but my lil bro got a tumblr page set up for bang some chicks. if you wanna check out how to fuck chicks on tumblr plus see some hella good pics of fake tities check it out. heres the web site (NOT the reguler site i mean the tumblr site)

if you got a tumblr hit us up we will follow you no lie

big fake tits blonde chick tumblr

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game for nerdy dudes how to get that pussy if your a nerd

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good comment from this chick [email protected]. she didnt leave a name just a email address but its whatever. heres the comment

I would never respond to those stupid lines that you claim get you laid. And I certainly do not respond to one liners. I make my men work for it because I know losers like you exists. I know I’m using big words for you right now. Trash attracts trash so if you think these girls are dumb take a good look in the mirror. Birds of the same feather flock together.


chicks are always sayin shit like game wont work on them im too smart or whatever thing is tho some times you gotta switch up your game. like this chick is hatin because she likes nerds. you too can be a legit PUA even if your a nerd. heres how

1. be a nerd. that means wear Nerd glasses, wear a  Sweater &play video games that are  NOT call of duty.  im talkin stuff like finel fantasy
2. find a chick that likes nerds. heres a good example that chick [email protected]. shes into nerds for shure. fat chicks are hella into nerds so you may wanna find a fat chick for Pracktus.

3 – you gotta run smart game. game for nerd dudes is pretty much the same but dont be bustin out the coke like ushual.   nerd dudes just gotta go up to you &be like “yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is), check this out but are those real glasses. do you wanna hit the museum then later lemme get a crack at that pussy” Shits hella smart no lie.

also japanese chicks love nerds so check out some japanese chicks

hot blonde girl large fake breasts

you can tell shes hella smart cuz shes wearin glasses son

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the worst blow out i ever seen

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out went out last night &was pretty drunk hanging at the bar its whatever. was catchin eyes wit h this chick w/hella fly tatoos &gettin ready to approach outta no where here comes this whole fuckin pack of AFCs. im talkin like 5 of em

this dude rolls up w/this hella big smile like he just sucked the biggest dick in the gay bar.  hes all ‘hi im melvin. ”  no shit dudes name was acshully melvin. mad AFC for shure. any way shes all ‘yo im just tryin to talk to my girl what the fuck get outta here.” then this other AFC little asian guy with spikey hair comes up in his suit tryna buy drinks. no shit here comes a 3rd AFC dude looks like a fuckin farmer or some shit but with glasses all talkin to tatoo chicks friend. 2 more dudes just orbit around the chicks

anyway tatoo chick was like a boxer or some shit. she gets hella pissed &strait up sucker punches melvin in the face. was laughin hella hard dude got blasted not gonna lie. so asian dude is all “yo whaddup are you talkin shit.’ tatoo chick thinks hes talkin to her so she fuckin blasts this dude all boxing style too. farmer dude mean while is showin up with hella drinks for the chicks &his homies are Nocked out by this chick. he sees that shit &bails back to his Tracter or wherever farmer dudes hang out

any way lesson learned son dont worry about Approach anxiety. no matter how bad you fuck up a Approach you aint fuckin up as bad as melvin. Get out there &get that pussy

here’s some big fake tits for Motivashun

hot blonde girl big fake tits

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