reader question how come you didnt write bang some chicks for like a year

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i didnt write anything on bang some chicks for like a year. i started it up again &some readers are like ‘yo what the fuck frank where you been” so heres the deal

if you read this site back in the day you prob remember my boy dtf dave. check this out i went to high school w/Dave &we got into PUA together too. dudes a legit playa

me &dave were hella tite basically bros for life. you know whats up like you got that one good friend &hes always the one you chill with or do coke with at the Strip club.

anyway dave went to jail

dude kept fuckin up &like a year ago he finaly got out of jail. thing is tho he found jeezus &thats mad fuckin gay when your tryna pick up chicks. im tryna get that pussy &daves all like ‘check this out you gotta repent your sins &not do coke or fuck chicks.” then hes talkin to chicks &hes all like “yo check this out but did you know fake tities are not part of gods plan”

fuck that bro when i herd that shit i had enuff of his jeezus shit. basically dave is NOT a legit PUA any more which sucks plus hes fuckin up my game nonstop.

anyway dave met this chick at church. shes ok maybe like a 6 but she has small tits &wont even do coke hella fuckin buzz kill. daves like ‘frank check this out we cant be friends if you wont accept jeezis into your Life”.

for real tho dave &me will allways be boys but hes doin his own thing. hes got a kid &shit now which is gay because hes prob changing diapers like a fag at this very minute. im on my own playa its all good tho. I desided to write more bang some chicks articals maybe a book too.

for real tho these fake tities are def part of gods plan check em out

sexy fake tits brunette with yellow bikini

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