reader question how do you fuck a gmilf

yo whaddup its f-close frank check this out i got a hella good reader question from this dude bill186. hes all

Hi Frank. I have a question. Have you ever had sex with a much older woman (60+)? I’m 45 but I love grandmothers. I’d like to know what is the best way to have sex with a grandmother. Thank you.

– Bill

For real thats a hella good question. Im 26 so no lie homie gmilfs (grandma i’d like to fuck = gmilf) aint really my thing but check this out i asked my dad who is a old school playa. Dad bangs hella gmilfs no lie

so anyway dad gave me 2 good tips for bangin that old school pussy. check it out gotta go to the right bar. Gmilfs will NOT be at places like strip Clubs. You gotta find gmilfs at bars like chilis or some bar in a strip mall. like next to a chinese restarant. you know what im talkin about. if theres karaoke your prob gonna find some gmilf pussy nearby too.

remember when you are pickin up Gmilfs STRIP MALL not STRIP CLUB.

write that shit down playa

2.A good place is also the Doctors office. old people are hella fuckin themselves up all the time so they always gotta go to the Docter. Broken hip, newmonia, whatever theyre def gonna be gettin stiched up. Hella good bonus = old ladies got a bunch of pain killers so you can be like “yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is). check this out youre hella fly but do you got any oxycontin. Wanna do some in the doctors office then lemme get a crack at that pussy”

shit works every time son

remember to check out DTF Dave’s article on how to beat that grandma pussy up like a champ.

sexy grandma GMILF big fake tits

hell yeah check out this GMILF

No lie your about to be gettin hella old lady pussy so read up on how to fuck chicks

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