reader question what if youre spelling &grammer sucks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good Reader question from this dude 2 big it hurts. at least i think its a dude that  name is kinda gay but its whatever

anyway hes all “You mean horrible grammar and atrocious spelling gets you laid?’

this is a good question and the anser is no chicks dont give a shit if youre grammer sucks. this is because of one  thing and thats chicks cant see the way you spell when you talk. if they could itd be hella weird  like walkin around in a comic book or some shit

for real tho my spelling sucks shit &im always checkin out big fake tities  dont worry about it playa get that pussy

dirty whore big fake tits

this chick prob  cant even read

4 thoughts on “reader question what if youre spelling &grammer sucks

  1. is this guy retarded if a chicks can see ur grammar ur doing it wrong wtf does he pick them up in librabies thats where the boring girls are

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