Roosh 5 and banging chicks on there periods

when my boy F-Close Frank who writes this website page with me (our REAL names are NOT F-Close Frank or DTF Dave by the way but they really are starting with a f and a d) showed me in my gmail a link to roosh 5, i thought who is this guy who has to use latin to say 5 with a V, and why should i care what he says because he is NOT on any PUA blogroll that i read !!! why is he 5 and what happened to the other 4 of him?

but i still looked through the roosh 5 website page and found many good ideas even though he does NOT know how to speak in PUA terms and does not know the language of seduction as far as acronems go. but roosh 5 still knows his shit even if he doenst talk in PUA terms

i think all my followers and fans should read the post you can find at because it is fucking awesome. i am going to tell my little brother to add roosh 5 to the blogroll

since i am a REAL PUA and since i do NOT take a week off from thrusting dick every month, i have banged at least a hundred chicks on their period so i know what roosh 5 says is right. but what about men who are nervous about this and want to practice first to make sure they can actually handle the great menstrual menace ?   the answer is simple and something i have NOT done recently but i DID do when i was first starting out becoming a PUA when i was maybe 13 or 14 or 15 years old. here is what you do to practice fucking a girl who is on her period before you try it IRL

one- make sure you know when it is your moms or your sisters period time. you can usually tell because they turn into a complete bitch and never go anywhere without a purse (that is where they hide there tampons in)

two- collect the used tampons they throw in the trash in the bathroom even if youre not allowed in your sisters bathroom sneak in there any way and get them

three- wrap each tampon in saran rap very tightly to keep in the moisture (pastic sandwich bags and aluminum foil WILL NOT WORK AS GOOD so use saran rap)

for- go to the refridgerator your dad has in the garage for his beers and put the tampons into the freezer.dont put them in the kitchen freezer or your mom will find them and cry and send you to a clinic for evaluation that one time when i was 13

five- wait until you have collected about 20 used tampons then take them out of the freezer

six- BEFORE the tampons thaw out, use a empty toilet paper roll as a guide then form the tampons all around. tie them together in a round shape like a love tunnel with kite string or a shoe string if its from a pair of shoes you never want to ware again

seven- when nobody is home, FIND A PRIVATE SPACE like your bedroom with a lock on the door where you can practice sex and not be bothered. you should be close to the bathroom though because this is going to get messy

eight- when you are alone and you have a porn picture to get your cock rock hard, quickly thaw out and warm up the tampons with your sisters hair dryer

nine- when the tampon collection is warm, pull the empty toilet paper roll out quickly and stick your cock inside. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED at how the warm and wet tampon tunnel feels JUST LIKE A PUSSY

ten- fuck the tampon roll and keep looking at your porn picture until you bust a nut inside. if your dick is small and you do not the same gerth as a empty toilet paper roll (NOT A PROBLEM FOR ME BUT IT MIGHT BE FOR YOU) then use your hand to squeeze the tampon tunnel until it is tight enough around your cock to make you cum

after you do this, you will know EXACTLY what its like to fuck a skank when she is on her period !!! it is virtualy the exact same thing and feels like it to !!! now all you have to do is decide if you liked it or not and if the blood on your dick and hands that leaked down your balls and pooled around your asshole grosed you out or not.   AND THEN you will no if you want to try to fuck a bitch when she is bleeding down there

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

would you bang this chick while she was on her period ? HELL YES YOU WOULD so dont lie lol !!!

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

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