be BETTER than alpha. be a SUPER ALPHA !!!

i have been doing a lot of reading as a reasercher lately on the people who have website pages that are about mad tight game but are NOT real PUAs. they talk about alpha and beta males as the type of men that bitches either they want or thay don’t want

but my boy f-close and me have developed a new technology way to think that we did not know we inventended because WE WERE ALREADY LIVING IT !!!

i am talking about something better than the alpha male these website page writers talk about. i am talking about the Super Alpha !!!

here are the caracteristics of the super alpha that me and f-close invented. live like us and be real PUAs like us and you will be able to write your own website page too and get many fans like us since at least 30 people EVERY DAY read our website page EVERY DAY. if you add that up and times it by how many days we have been writing that’s a HUGE fan base of maybe like 100,000 since september of THIS YEASR ALONE !!!

a REAL super alpha goes ignores beyond SOME BUT NOT ALL pua tactics and makes his own rules. alphas follow pua rules but super alphas know when to GO BEYOND those rules and make his own super pua rules to make himself into a super alpha

one- the 7 hour rule is bullshit (even though mistery is a cool cat).  if you have to pump and pump for 7 straight hours to have a orgasm you are not a super alpha. Just bust your nut already !!!

two- being a AMOG destroyer is not patriotic. those guys went to war and fought for our country. if you destroy a AMOG or a AMVET or any other veterans organization person unoless it is a woman who should not be fighting anyway, you are not a super alpha

three- the handicap principle should be ignored if you are not a retard. if you purposely act to be crippled or blind just so you can get some pussy, you are not a super alpha. some people in my family is retarded as fuck so i do not find this in good taste

for-  if you blitzhook, you are not a super alpha. plus, killing a hooker is not necessary since they are already dead inside.

five- the flooding smile is a bad idea because drooling all over yourself is too close to the handicap principle. if you slobber on a girl for any reason other than to lube up her asshole for a surprise invasion, you are not a super alpha

these are the top 5 tips for being a super alpha.   i will make more later but they will not be the top 5 because these ones are. they will be the next 5 though.

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


blonde girls

the SUPER ALPHA fucks to chicks at one time that look like this !!!

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks


4 thoughts on “be BETTER than alpha. be a SUPER ALPHA !!!

  1. I actually thought that this site was serious for just a second. Great sense of humor though, this community needs to get trolled just a little bit to bring some people back down to reality.

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