the worst blow out i ever seen

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out went out last night &was pretty drunk hanging at the bar its whatever. was catchin eyes wit h this chick w/hella fly tatoos &gettin ready to approach outta no where here comes this whole fuckin pack of AFCs. im talkin like 5 of em

this dude rolls up w/this hella big smile like he just sucked the biggest dick in the gay bar.  hes all ‘hi im melvin. ”  no shit dudes name was acshully melvin. mad AFC for shure. any way shes all ‘yo im just tryin to talk to my girl what the fuck get outta here.” then this other AFC little asian guy with spikey hair comes up in his suit tryna buy drinks. no shit here comes a 3rd AFC dude looks like a fuckin farmer or some shit but with glasses all talkin to tatoo chicks friend. 2 more dudes just orbit around the chicks

anyway tatoo chick was like a boxer or some shit. she gets hella pissed &strait up sucker punches melvin in the face. was laughin hella hard dude got blasted not gonna lie. so asian dude is all “yo whaddup are you talkin shit.’ tatoo chick thinks hes talkin to her so she fuckin blasts this dude all boxing style too. farmer dude mean while is showin up with hella drinks for the chicks &his homies are Nocked out by this chick. he sees that shit &bails back to his Tracter or wherever farmer dudes hang out

any way lesson learned son dont worry about Approach anxiety. no matter how bad you fuck up a Approach you aint fuckin up as bad as melvin. Get out there &get that pussy

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how to avoid approach anxiety by getting fucked up

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out some dudes have mad approach anxeity when they are  talking to chicks. even master PUAs sometimes get approach anxienty (AA) when they see a fly ass chick with big titties so i am gonna teach you my secret way to never get AA.

the secret is to get fucked up. usualy when i head to the mall to day game chicks i hit the bong a couple of times but not too much otherwise i just head to to the food court and only fat bitches hang out there.  just take like 1-3 bong rips depending on how shitty your  Weed is.

if you are going out at night you want to have a more faster vibe so you want to do some coke. me & dave usually go thru about a 8ball in a week end depending on approach anxiety but we are real PUAs so you may want to buy more. if you live in miami talk to my boy josh he works the door at the strip club and he will hook you up fat

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