game for nerdy dudes how to get that pussy if your a nerd

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good comment from this chick [email protected]. she didnt leave a name just a email address but its whatever. heres the comment

I would never respond to those stupid lines that you claim get you laid. And I certainly do not respond to one liners. I make my men work for it because I know losers like you exists. I know I’m using big words for you right now. Trash attracts trash so if you think these girls are dumb take a good look in the mirror. Birds of the same feather flock together.


chicks are always sayin shit like game wont work on them im too smart or whatever thing is tho some times you gotta switch up your game. like this chick is hatin because she likes nerds. you too can be a legit PUA even if your a nerd. heres how

1. be a nerd. that means wear Nerd glasses, wear a  Sweater &play video games that are  NOT call of duty.  im talkin stuff like finel fantasy
2. find a chick that likes nerds. heres a good example that chick [email protected]. shes into nerds for shure. fat chicks are hella into nerds so you may wanna find a fat chick for Pracktus.

3 – you gotta run smart game. game for nerd dudes is pretty much the same but dont be bustin out the coke like ushual.   nerd dudes just gotta go up to you &be like “yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is), check this out but are those real glasses. do you wanna hit the museum then later lemme get a crack at that pussy” Shits hella smart no lie.

also japanese chicks love nerds so check out some japanese chicks

hot blonde girl large fake breasts

you can tell shes hella smart cuz shes wearin glasses son

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hittin on chicks with the 3 second rule

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out since its saterday heres a Game chalenge for when your out partyin later.

ok the 3 second rule is the rule where if yo u see a chick w/fake tities you got 3 seconds to go up &get her to show you the tities. you gotta do it in 3 seconds  otherwise you might get AA (aproach anxiety). its hella easy son just go up to a chick &be all “yo whaddup your hella fly but check this out do you have real or fake tities” if you are a legit PUA or she is drunk she will prob just show you the tities esp if you tell her you work for girls gone wild

if you are a regular AFC you might wanna start out in a Strip club until you get used to seein tities tho

hot blonde spilling water on her big cleavage wet t shirt


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