how to answer i have a boyfriend

yo whaddup it’s f-close frank. check this out a lotta times when youre talkin to a chick she will say “i have a boy friend”. if youre a AFC youre probly just gonna quit. dont do it son your fuckin up. heres how to answer i have a boyfriend.

this one time i picked up this stripper i think out of Deans Gold (my fav Strip club). we were in the back of Daves car doin coke. shes tellin me stuff and im like “yo show me your tities’

then she pulls the ‘i cant i have a boyfriend’ shit. hella weak to say the least

shit was mad gay esp since she just did a shitload of my coke for free. no big deal tho being that i’m a MPUA (master PUA) I bust out the best line ever which will work garanteed.

“yo check this out i dont care”

basically this chick was tryna shit test me. gotta prove your not a pussy when your talkin to chicks even if they say they got a boyfriend. it works son heres how.

1. you gotta say it like you dont give a shit. if youre mad or whatever shes gonna know
2.make good eye Contact. you gotta be dominent cuz chicks love Dominent dudes. if your a pussy when you say you dont care shes gonna laugh gotta say it at the right time. like when your hangin out with a chick for a while &she busts the boyfriend line go ahead and tell her you dont give a shit. but check this out if she says it right after your opener your gonna get a drink pored on your head or some shit. shes sayin that shit to get rid of your ass not as a Shit Test

basically dont have autizm and your good bro trust me it works like a charm

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she aint got a boyfriend bro

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reader question should you bang youre cousin

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good question from this dude that wants to be anonimus. hes all “Hi Frank,

At Christmas dinner I noticed I have a very attractive cousin. Is it OK to game her?’

this is a hella good Qeustion  bro. the anser is it depends

ok so you gotta ask your self 1. is she hella hot

2. if she is than what if you get caught fuckin her in the other room while kids are gettin presents on xmas.

3 is she on the pill

if you ansered yes to #1 &3 then go for it playa. its like when you go to the dentist &youre gamin the chick at the desk you only see her like 1 time a year so fuck it why not. for real tho dont knock that pussy up or youre gonna have a hella weird lookin baby like hills have eyes shit. dont do it son

if you get caught tho youre family is gonna think “yo f-close frank (or whatever your name is) why are you balls deep in cousin kaitlyn” then you gotta lie be all like “check this out unkel jon for real tho she was bent over tyin her shoe while i was adjustin my Nuts. tripped &fell landed with my dick in her pussy shit happens son get over it.’ he’ll be all like ‘thats fucked up bro for real that is in sest.” but fuck him dudes a AFC anyway cuz he got kicked out of the Strip Club that one time.

there you  go playa keep it in the family. also read this shit dave wrote about gettin that pussy on thanks giving

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bang some chicks search terms

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i was readin unleesh the beef dude is hella funny check it out. anyway he s tellin you weird shit that AFCs google &find his blog. i asked a nerd how to find that shit turns out we got hella good  Search terms today so check em out

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hell yeah as you can See hella dudes like seein pics of fake titties so if your checkin out bang some chicks lookin at titie pics make shure you read the articals might learn somethin son.

heres some more fake tities for that old dude that likes fake tities. get it son

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