reader question how do you get laid on reddit

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i got a hella good Reader question. this dude lucas is all

Yo, what’s up Frank? I’m new to game and I wanted your take on what to do. I’m a Redditor and I met a very pretty girl on r/gonewild that I’d enjoy meeting. I’d like to know if there’s a way to get laid on Reddit. Have you ever tried? If so, how do you get laid on Reddit?

first off bro i dunno what reddit is so i checked it out. shit is mad gay &hella hard to use. i tried anyway

no bro you cant get laid on reddit unless you put in hella work. im talkin like you could fuck 9 chicks at the Strip Club before you get even a Conversashun goin with some reddit chick. heres why

1.reddit is hella gay n got hella fat ass nerds like the kind that owns 1 of those shirts w/fire on it. plus reddit dudes wear stupid ass hats son dont do it
2. there aint any chicks its all dudes
3.dudes act like their chicks on reddit
4. unless your tryna fuck a dude dont try &get pussy on reddit. cant give internet chicks (reddit) any Coke
7. theres mad thirsty dudes on gone wild so your fightin w/like 5 million dudes spittin wack game at 1 chick.

straight up dont be fuckin w/reddit bro. theres zero reason to even read reddit shit is hella dumb. heres what you can do instead to pick up chicks

1. go to the strip club
2.go to the mall
3.go to the Beach

pretty much just go Outside youre house its way easier then gettin laid on reddit

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