best places to have sex at target or walmart

yo whaddup its f-close frank.check this out had to go to target last night to get a mop cuz this chick did too much coke &puked on the floor shit was hella gross. anyway got that puke mop then I met a hella cute Cashier at target. of course she cant resist me puttin on the moves so i made her take a break so we could bang.

problem was we had to find a place to have sex in target without gettin caught. Kinda hard no lie playa

Anyway heres the best places to have sex at target or walmart or any other place that is similar. Check it out

1. Dressing room. pretty standard playa you can always get your fuck on in a dressing room. theres a door that you can close plus some mirrors. dont forget to take a video on your phone so you can check yourself out gettin that pussy later.
8/10 pretty predictable but you cant go wrong with the classics

2.crawl inside the middle of one of those clothes Racks. this one is pretty good but only if youre short. hella good adventure tho no lie.
5/10 got busted doin this but luckily she was just suckin my dick so the manager was like “yo what are you doin standin in the middle of the clothes rack”. be care full I nearly got kicked outta walmart for this one.

3.drink isle. this one is hella good. all you gotta do is take down a bunch of coke (the kind you drink not reguler coke that you snort) boxes then build a fuck fort. it will prob take about 30 boxes at least depending on how much room you need in the fort. just build walls w/the coke boxes (you can use other kinds like 7up or mounten dew or whatever its all good). you dont need a roof not like its gonna rain inside or whatever. this one is better at walmart cuz they hire stupider people &they wont notice you buildin a fuck fort in the middle of the isle.
10/10 lots of fun playa make sure you try it

4. Bathroom. you should know this already if youve ever fucked in a strip club or bar, just go to the bathroom. No lie tho the walmart bathroom is prob one of the grossest bathrooms of any store ever &target isnt much better. theres always chew cloggin up the toilet &usually piss on the floor
3/10 hella gross dont do it unless you got no other Option

There you go bro 4 of the best places to have sex in target or walmart. get out there, go shoppin, get that pussy

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