f-close frank teams up with dad & they fuck Cougers

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out if youre game sucks dick theres a easy way to get that pussy &thats by bangin cougers. a couger is a old chick thats lookin to get some dick from Younger dudes. shits hella easy son check it out heres what went down.

yesterday i went to this old dude bar with my dad cuz its his bday so had to buy him shots. respect youre elders playa

anyway we went to the vfw which sucks dick to hang out its all dudes. i was all “dad its youre birth day you gotta get that pussy son “(even tho i am his acshual son). so i took him to skybar out by the beach there was hella cougers son im talkin mad thirsty old ladies. dad is a OG playa so i let him do his thing pretty soon hes makin out with some old lady hell yeah.

i was checkin out these couger chicks w/fake tities &this old lady comes up. shes all “whaddup lemme buy you a drink. lemme get a crack at that dick. ‘ im all whoa usuaaly i gotta bust out some coke or somthin to ge tlaid that qucik but fuck it why not. she was mad old but had fake tities so pretty soon im gettin my dick sucked in the bath room. tried to bang but her pussy was mad dry. maybe its cuz shes hella thirsty

anyway im hearin somebody fuckin in the Other stall so after i nut in grandmas hair i was all yo dad you gettin that pussy?” hes like “whaddup frank hell yeah’ so we high fived over the stall

after that the cougers were all like what the fuck did you just high five. me &dad were all hell yeah buy us shots its dads bday. cougers are mad easy &got that mom instict so they got us wasted for free

i was sick of gettin my dick sucked so me &dad went back to my place &played xbox pretty much best birth day ever.

happy bday dad heres some big fake tities

big fake tits old lady


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