how to know if you are you too drunk to spit good game

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last night i got hella drunk like not reguler drunk. i mean bouncin off the tables and shit. I even got kicked outta the strip club

shit sucks playa dont do it

anyway of coarse this means if youre too drunk to stand up your probably too drunk to spit good game. heres how to know how if you are Too drunk to spit game

1. you cant stand up. this means your hella drunk. if you cant stand up you cant walk over to a chick so you def cant talk to her either. just pretend you got AA (approach anxiety) and sit at the bar. maybe shes hella horney or a Couger and will just walk up to you &start hittin on you. booyah playa you just got a free ride home which is hella good cuz one time i puked in a Uber &had to pay $300 cant talk &are all sloppy. trust me no chick likes some sloppy ass drunk dude tryna hit on her. not even a ugly chick is gonna put up w/your shit (unless shes fat). your call playa but do you really wanna bang a fat chick. so dont get so drunk you cant talk
3. you got Wiskey Dick. this means you are so Drunk you cant get a boner. this shits the worst like that one time i took that waitress from deans gold home &she had hella big fake tities but straight up i had Wiskey Dick &couldnt fuck. little frank just wasnt feelin it you know what im sayin. she just ate a buncha my food &bailed, hella weak

if you said yes to any of these 3 things you are too drunk to spit good game. if you get too drunk step back drink some water or do some Coke in the bathroom. sober your shit up or youre gonna fuck up &go home solo.

also dont drink &drive son its bad news. heres some tities

sexy girl big fake tits america bikini

america fuck yeah

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