get laid with preselection

yo whaddup its f-close frank. cehck this out did you know you can get laid w/chicks just by hanging out w/other chicks. shit works hella good its syents son. what is pre selection its when chicks see you w/other chicks &their like “yo whats up w/frank hes with this ho &shes got bigger fake tities. whats the deal”

thats  how you create mystery son

the other day im hangin out at deans gold (which is one of the best Strip clubs in miami check it out ) &gettin a Lap Dance. of course this is from a chick with the biggest fake tities in the joint. pretty soon other chicks are comin up all “yo frank you wanna lap dance or nah I’ll give you one for free” pretty soon im gettin mad lap dances fake tities all up in my face.

you gotta pull this same shit w/reguler chicks too. like if you get friend Zoned by a chick but shes got big tities hang out with her anyway. 1. shes gonna get you free shit 2. other chicks will think your the man then boom number close son

check it out pre selection is the shit

tattooed blond big tits

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