how to tell if a chick has fake tits

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out as you know i like hella big fake Tities. but how do you know if theyre fake or just Reguler titties. your gonna be hella Dissapointed if you take off some chicks bra and they sag or whatever so heres how to tell if a chick has fake tits. its super easy son. plus knowin how to spot fake tits is a Esenshul PUA skill

1.the titties are saggy. this is a big one. fake tities are NOT saggy. if a chick has a expensive bra on tho it can look like shes got fake tities so dont be fooled playa. be all like “yo whaddup i aint seen you in forever gimme a hug”. then you can see if they (the tities) are squishy. this shit works even if you never seen the chick trust me theyll hug you anyway unless your ugly. so dont be ugly
2. the tops of fake tities are round. reguler tities arent round at the top. I’m talkin about the cleavage. again a good bra will fool you so make sure you look at her tities for a long time just to be shure. just stare at em till you figure it out
3. she doesnt flash you her tities when you ask. chicks w/fake tities love to show em off. Be all like “yo show me your tits” and if she busts em out right away theyre probly fake. even if not you just saw tities playa hell yeah
4. if your still Confused just ask if shes got fake tits

for real tho its hella easy to know how to tell if a chick has fake tits. once you know if theyre fake make sure you spit made game cuz chicks w/fake tits are hella sexy bro

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veronica black big fake tits

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