how to fuck a Single Mom

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out if youre like me you like to fuck strippers and lots of strippers are Single Moms. so if you wanna fuck strippers you gotta know how to fuck a single Mom. lucky for you playa shit is hella easy so listen up heres how you fuck a single mother.

1. you gotta find a single mom. theyre hella easy to find cuz lots of chicks have kids these days. like I said before go to the strip club or else theres hella single moms on Plenty of Fish

2.make shure shes got fake tits cuz havin a kid will mad fuck up a chicks titties no lie. if you go to the Strip Club you can tell if shes got good tits cuz you can pay some money to see the tits 1st. hella good time saver

2.Single moms are hella DTF. you know this cuz they already got a kid but check this out most dudes dont wanna smash cuz kids fuckin suck no lie. so if youre down to smash out even tho shes got a kid your half way there playa. as always dont be ugly

3. you dont need to waist time with shit like goin on a date or whatever stupid shit your ushually tryna do. Just text her the ultimate power move. check it out playa

“yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is). check this out you tryna get a baby sitter. ill pay for it”

kids suck so bad you gotta pay some body else to watch em so if you foot the bill for a baby sitter boom playa kid is gone your gettin that pussy for shure.

basically heres the formula for fuckin a single mom.

find one -> be dtf (she already is unless youre ugly so dont be ugly) -> throw down cash for a baby sitter

never hurts to have some Coke on hand when she heads over to your place no lie

thats basically it bro if youre tryna get that notch count up into the 100s like yours truely might wanna check out some single moms

sexy tattooed brunette big fake tits

dont forget learn how to sling that dick playa

is it cool to fuck a single mom

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out me &dave were talkin about wether or not  its cool to fuck a single mom. as a PUA you always want to get the best girls and sometiemes if a chick has like stretch marks and  a blown out pussy from kids you dont wanna  touch that shit. stretch mark tities are hella gross ask that dude danny he has pics on his blog.

anyway tho i banged this Single mom and it has some way good  Benifits that you should  know about. 1. single moms are mad easy to pick up cuz a lot of dudes dont really want to fuck around with kids cuz they’re always asking you for shit like mac n cheese.

2. kids are kind of a pain in the ass but you know since there dad has to pay child support they got the best candy and video  games. plus its way easy to beet a kids ass at Halo 3 becase little kids fuckin suck at video games. you can whoop the kids ass then eat the candy.

3.  single moms are used to doing mom shit so they will probably do your laundry if you drink too  much ever clear and natty ice and hurl on your self like dave did last sunday.  fuckin cool cuz laundry sucks

so to answer the question yes it is cool to bang a single mom just try not to jizz on her child uspport check she will be way pissed but it is her fault for leaving it on the sex couch.

hot chick duck face pictue fake tits


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