time to sling dick pua style

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out bang some chicks hasnt been gettin updated lately cuz 1.dave is still in jail &2. i got a girl friend like a couple months ago so i been bangin the same pussy

havin a girl friend is mad gay cuz you gotta do shit like take her to movies &buy her food. the good thing is you get pussy without havin to acshually run game all you gotta do is send her a Text &be like “yo whaddup are you done dancin for the night. head over to my place so we can do some  coke” boom youre gettin that pussy son. its kinda the same as regular pickup acshully.

so this chick had hella big tities which you guest it the titties were fake hell yeah. also she liked to clean my house while she was on coke but i had to dump her cuz she sucked some dudes dick at the Strip club she works at for free. ususally if she sucked a dick she gets paid &buys some coke so its whatever but if she sucks dick for free it is cheating

anyway gonna be slingin dick again pua style so theres gonna be some hella good Articals comin up like how to have a relashionship with a stripper. get that pussy son

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