what if you gotta take a shit when your bangin a chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out   i was  bangin this chick &had to take a mad huge dump.  like right in the middle of when we were bangin not after.  prob cuz i ate taco bell bad move playa dont do it

anyway heres the deal when you gotta shit basicaly  be Smooth about it. dont just be all like “yo i gotta shit” other wise she wont be in the mood unless shes gotta shit too

heres what you do be all like ‘yo check this out your pussy is hella good but for real tho the heat game (or whatever team you like ) is on” shes  all what the fuck frank then when shes pissed sneak off hella quick &blow up the bath rooom. dont forget  get mad fresh with some Air Freshiner youre good to go son

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7 thoughts on “what if you gotta take a shit when your bangin a chick

  1. This is a problem that plagued me for many years until i discovered i was lactose intolerant. Since that day i have not had this problem.

    Food for thought

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