what if your girlfriends friends hate you

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out gonna drop some Game wisdom on you about the chicks that youre girl hangs out with. most chicks dont ackshually have friends they have frenemies which is a frend thats really an enemie. make no misteak playa these bitches hate you too

heres the deal

when you first start bangin a chick shes all stoked &talkin shit about that one bitch (or 3) that she hangs out with. chicks are hella catty like that talkin shit non stop. Shit gets old fast

youre gonna know this if youre old school but evenshully a chick will get kinda board and shes gonna start hangin out with her friends again. thats when shits gonna go down playa these hos aint your friend.

it happened to me a while back this chick i was bangin has a girls night &comes back like ‘i had so much fun” even tho shes ushally talkin shit about her BFF. then i figure out that stacy (the BFF) has been hatin on yours truely. check this out shes alll sayin this shit

1. f-close frank is a man ho (true)
2. f-close frank is a asshole (true)
3.he is prob cheating on you (true)
4.f-close frank is mad Selfish &never buys you shit (true)
6. hes got hurpies (not true get your dick checked playa)

anyway shit is mostly true but who gives a shit bitch shouldnt be talkin shit. i got dumped no lie playa but its whatever cuz i was bangin like 3 other Chicks. you gotta reckognize that this shit will happen esp if the BFF is fat. fat chicks hate it when theyre friends are gettin dick no lie. its cuz their fat

the best thing you can do is be fuckin like 3 chicks at once but if you only got one chick heres what you do. hang out with the friends then you gotta mad call out the chick thats bein a bitch. be all like “yo stacy check this out but you seem mad chill tonight you been gettin some dick or what”

for real tho shes never gettin dick cuz shes fat

shes gonna be all like nah i aint gettin dick so you just tell her ‘its all good playa shit is real out there. your gonna find a man some day whos down with your strong and interesting personality. no lie homeboy is prob on plenty of fish you should check it out”

fat bich destroyed playa you win again. get out there get that pussy son

sexy blonde girl with large breasts

check out how to fuck chicks the right way then it wont matter if their friends are talkin shit

2 thoughts on “what if your girlfriends friends hate you

  1. Hey F-close,
    Thank goodness you’re publishing content again. It was your POF article which introduced me to game last year and I’ve been applying it ever since. I’d had some success through online dating but have much more to learn about game in general.

    Sorry to hear about Dave’s lifestyle change.

    Keep them coming.

    • whaddup deshon thx for checkin out bang some chicks. hell yeah bro i got hella good game Articals comin up so if you got some Questions lemme kno

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