what is the red pill

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out the other day i was reading the privateman and he was talking about  the red pill.  i thought it was some medicine for old dudes when they cant get a boner or like its one of those pills you have to shove up your ass or whatever

so when i cant’ figure  stuff out I ask the internet what it is. i had to watch this old movie calle d the maytricks with that retarded guy who cant talk good, then i figured out what the red pill is.  if you hate robots you are redpill. you have to choose a red or Blue pill like in the movie. but if you pick the Blue one the red one is still red. like you arent choosing reality over not reality, you are choosing how you view the reality whether you beleve in it or not

i think i just made science.

anyway  one of my bros died from oxie contin so i dont take pills and  you shouldnt either otherwise you might get attacked by robots.

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4 thoughts on “what is the red pill

  1. Lol I totally didn’t know what this red pill blue pill shot is about until like 4 months ago. I still don’t know what it is actually. I don’t know whether blue is bad or good. To me it’s fucking silly! The Privateman and all are cool, but this pill shit is stupid.

  2. @kenny- yeah me and frank are looking in to these ‘manisphere’ topics right now for our expert PUA analyses. i don’t get the metafor of the pill thing but i am making my science right now on ‘hypergamy’ as a nother manisphere term

    we ususally stick to PUA terms on this website page but there is some good stuff on other website pages to.

    @privateman- no disrespect old timer. if you can’t get a boner and keanu reaves helps you with that, there’s not hate from me and frank. we just used what you said to do our own ask the internet thing and then write a website page article about it !!!

    merry CHRISTmas to everybody out there who is are fans and followers !!!

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