whats the best strip club in miami

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out a lot of guys been askin me &dave what the best Strip Club is so im gonna tell you about the best strip clubs in miami. strip clubs are hella cool so dont be a fag hit up some Strip clubs.

deans gold – this place has some dirty ass chicks who are dtf. this one chick had butt hair. cool tho cuz if youre gonna do coke &get a lap dance nobody really cares. chance of seein fake tities = ok

play mates club – dave got a blow job from a stripper here. ok drink prices &one of the bouncers used to sell us drugs but he got fired which is mad gay. def gonna see some fake tities and if you go there a lot you dont have to pay a cover. this one chick jazmin is mad freaky and will let you stick stuff in here ass as long as it is NOT sharp.

booby trap – kinda shitty too many puerto rican chicks with mustashs. no fake tities but i only been there like 3 times.  this one time when dave was on coke for like a week strait and asked this chick at the mall to marry him so we had daves batchler party there. we got banned for life tho when this dude mike started fingerin this chick with his nose

pink pussy cat – kinda cheap but hella dirty. like the floor will give you aids. not many fake tities last time we went but havnt been there in like a month cuz dave is on house arrest &sits on his ass smokin weed all day.

tootsies cabaret – this place is fuckin huge usually got some hot chicks. lots of fake tities last time we went but kind of a far drive. big fuckin pain in the ass but worth it. that one bartender is mad gay tho. like he will try to touch your dick if you are drunk.

anyway if your going to miami dont be a bitch cuz we got hella good strip clubs. head to either tootsies or play mates club for fake tities

sophie turner big fake tits

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