why you should go to a Gay Bar

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out one of the easiest places to get that pussy is in a Gay Bar. your probably thinkin “bro check this out isnt a Gay Bar full of people who are  Gay.’ the answer is yes theres hella gay dudes that s/ why you wanna check it out.

heres why

1.gay dudes dont want any pussy they just want to get that dick which is hella easy you got no competition playa.
2. you can tell which chicks are strait because they look like reguler chicks NOT chicks that play soft ball. if they play soft ball boom they are Gay son dont do it.
3.dudes will buy you hella free drinks thinkin they will get that dick. take advantuge but dont get too wasted otherwise youll wind up like that one time dave got fucked in the ass in jail
5.chicks are like ‘check this out theres no strait dudes we can make out with like any dude &it doesnt matter cuz they are hella gay.” boom you swoop in and start fingerin her on the dance floor while you listen to cher
6. gay dudes are all about coke nobody cares if you do Coke in the bathroom

ok now heres shit you gotta watch out for

1. there is trannys sometimes dont make out with em
2.like i said you might get fucked in the ass if you are too drunk

other than that theres hella Gay Bars in florida check em out son

sexy brunette at the pool with big fake tits


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10 thoughts on “why you should go to a Gay Bar

  1. i can verify this 100%. i used to run interference for 2 models i was friends with. i was the “pseudo-bf” and on some nights, they’d want to hit up the gay club on bourbon “Oz”. i learned the place was PACKED with straight women. most were fucking slamming.

    i NEVER drink at gay clubs and have rarely had dudes push up on me. once the girls know you’re straight (you HAVE to go with at least one chick- “it was her call to come here.”), they LOVE the fact you aren’t homophobic.

    stay up.

    • yo check this out your the fake PUA that got a bunch of dudes blogs shut down &your all over chicks blogs writin hella thirsty comments. fag shit bro youre fuckin banned

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